Visiting Cocoa Beach is on top of every tourist’s to-do list. And how could it not be? The beautiful sunsets, warm weather, and the many premium hotels and shopping options make it the ideal place to go and unwind for the day.

While going to Cocoa Beach during the day is a common occurrence, that’s not the only option available! Here are some fun activities you can partake in around Cocoa Beach once the sun sets.

An Evening Stroll

Cocoa Beach welcomes hundreds of visitors every day, and they’re usually there during the morning hours. You’ll find families, couples, and solo beach lovers basking in the sun or cooling off in the water. And while it’s a fun environment, it’s not the most tranquil one.

An hour or so after the sun sets, the beach gets significantly empty, with visitors packing up for the day. And if you’re looking for some quiet and relaxing time near the water, then you should definitely visit at night. You can breathe in some fresh air and walk alongside the beach without having to worry about a large group of people blocking your path!


Over-head shot of kayak at night.

Many people assume that kayaking is something you can only do in the morning hours. While it’s safer for amateurs to kayak in brighter light conditions, guided night tours can be an out-worldly experience!

You can opt for a Cocoa Beach kayak tour at night to really feel one with the water and nature. It’s especially magical when you kayak during a full moon or just in time for sunset. You feel in closer proximity with the moon, and it even makes for stunning pictures you can treasure forever.

If just looking at the sunset is not your cup of tea, there’s more you can enjoy with a nighttime kayak tour. During peak summer months, you can witness bioluminescence at Cocoa Beach.

While you can definitely see it at the shore, the water truly comes alive when you’re kayaking. The glow from underneath will make you feel like you’re part of a magical fantasy land. And just when you think you’re entirely mesmerized, you’ll also find glowing comb jelly swimming alongside your kayak, adding a bright and memorable touch to your tour!

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