Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours in Cocoa Beach

Summer is the Peak Bioluminescence Kayaking Season in Florida

Bioluminescence Kayaking Season

The peak of bioluminescence kayaking takes place in the warmer summer season of Florida throughout Cocoa Beach and the Canaveral National Seashore.


The 7 Steps of a Bioluminescence Tour

  1. Once we have all gathered at the location, your guide will fit you with life jackets and go over the details of your trip.
  2. It’s a good idea to wear bug spray to avoid being harassed by mosquitos.
  3. We will launch into the water just after sunset. Immediately, guest usually encounters manatees and wild birds in the cove before they have ventured out into the Indian River Lagoon.
  4. As the sky darkens, you can begin to see the glow in the water from the paddle and kayak movement. As we paddle closer to the shore, it is usually completely dark at this time. We begin to take in the magic of the bioluminescence. Every movement, from manatee, fish, stingrays produces an almost supernatural glow of aquamarine light. As one of our guests said recently, “it’s a truly amazing experience, like watching fireworks underwater”.
  5. The bioluminescent kayaking tour is usually 1.5 to 2 hours. Adventure Kayak will provide you will water, a short lesson on kayaking for beginners, and everything you need to have the best experience possible.
  6. This tour is great for couples as well as families and small and large groups alike. Large groups often experience even more bio as there is more movement going on in the tour.
  7. You can read more reviews at Trip Advisor.
Bioluminescent Kayak Tours

Bioluminescent Florida Calendar

The best time to kayak in Florida during Bioluminescence is in the warmer summer months when the sky is dark and the moon is new.

Google Reviews – What People are Saying About Us

Went for our fourth adventure this week. This time with Dale. Saw plenty of wildlife and great conversation throughout our tour. Dale was AWESOME.

Tammy H.

We had Ashley as a guide and she was great!!! Very personable and knowledgeable about the whole ecosystem there. No rush, very informative, and a great experience!!


Guides on this 2 hour kayak trip are the best. Very knowledgable and very friendly. It’s like going on a safari in the water!

Don N.

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