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 The peak of bioluminescence Florida kayaking takes place in the warmer summer season of the state  throughout the Canaveral National Seashore. Join us for Nightly Tours near Orlando!

About this Night Bioluminescent Kayaking Tour

Duration: 90 – 120 minutes
Location: Martin Andersen Beachline Expy, Merritt Island, FL 32953
Price: $40 per adult/$30 per child
Includes: Kayak, Paddle, Tour Guide, PFD (Life jacket)
Age range: 5+
Weight Limit: 300 lbs for Single Kayak & 600 lbs total for 2-Person Kayak
What You Should Bring: Insect repellent, towel and water bottle

When to go: Peak Bioluminescence occurs in the warmer summer months. This bio is known as dinoflagellates.  During the cooler months, you will experience the comb jellies.

Plan for your tour: In the summer months we usually depart nightly, around sunset. You will want to book early for the weekends in July/August as tours book up fast.

How to book:  Call Bill at 321-480-8632. Once confirmed for the date and time over the phone, you will book and pay online. We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, not swimwear. We provide bug spray, but it is a good idea to apply bug spray before you come.

Moon Notice: The bioluminescent sea creatures are best seen during little to no moon sky. During a full moon, the bright light of the moon will impact the brightness of the bio and it may be more difficult to see.  Please check our Moon Calendar before booking.
The following dates are the 2018 New moons:  Jun 13, Jul 13, Aug 11, Sep 9, Oct 9, Nov 7, and Dec 7.

Bioluminescence Photos and Viewing:  Even professional photographers will tell you, bioluminescence is very hard to photograph. Bio is best viewed in person, not on film or camera, and during a new moon.

Let’s walk through a typical evening bioluminescent kayaking tour step by step:
1. Once we have all gathered at the location, your guide will fit you with life jackets and go over the details of your trip.
2. It’s a good idea to wear bug spray to avoid being harassed by mosquitos.
3. We will launch into the water just after sunset.
4. Guests usually encounter manatees and wild birds in the cove before they have ventured out into the Indian River Lagoon.
5. As the sky darkens, you can begin to see the glow in the water from the paddle and kayak movement.
6. As we paddle closer to the shore, it is usually completely dark at this time.
7. We begin to take in the magic of the bioluminescence of Florida! Every movement, from manatee, fish, stingrays produces an almost supernatural glow of aquamarine light.

As one of our guests said recently, “it’s a truly amazing experience, like watching fireworks under water”.

July 18th, 2018 Bioluminescence Review:
Being avid kayakers make us pretty critical when it comes to kayaking tours. Cameron and Darius were our tour guides for the bioluminescence tour on Sunday evening. Both young men were great tour guides and Cameron was a wealth of information about the bottle nose dolphin, comb jellies and bioluminescent algae. We had a great night and was able to see the bioluminescent algae quite well!! We liked this tour company so much we have booked 1000 Islands tour for tomorrow. The owner is also open to letting you bring your own kayak. We opted not to but it was a nice option to have.


Book a Kayak Tour locations
Bioluminescence Tours: $40/adults $30/children 16 & under

The bioluminescent kayaking tour is approximately 2 hours. Adventure Kayak will provide you will water, a short lesson on kayaking for beginners, and everything you need to have the best experience possible.
This tour is great for couples as well as families and small and large groups alike. Large groups often experience even more bioluminescence as there is more movement going on in the tour.

Read more about Bioluminescence at

Bioluminescence Florida Video

Florida Bioluminescence Kayaking Calendar – 2018

The warm summer months closest to the new moon are best for experiencing Florida Bioluminescence.
Because of this, Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach has put together the 2018 Calendar for optimal bioluminescence, just give us a shout at 321-480-8632

Kayaking at night

Kayaking at night can be a real treat, especially during the bioluminescent season here in Florida, however, you can also kayak at night year-round to experience a gorgeous sunset, or full moon.
Nighttime kayak tours are approximately 2 hours and begin at different times, depending on the tour, so you will want to check for availability when you call Bill at 321-480-8632.
Depending on the time of year, you will want to dress appropriately for your kayak trip. We provide all safety information, water, bug spray and glow sticks for your evening kayak tour!

Merritt Island, Fl Bioluminescence

Merritt Island, Fl bioluminescence is pretty amazing. Away from the city lights and distractions, the night sky in Merritt Island is perfect for viewing the bioluminescence during the warmer summer months.
We usually launch in Merritt Island, but you will want to call Bill to book your tour to experience the bio up close and personal!
Directions to Merritt Island, Fl Bioluminescence


Bioluminescence Florida Kayaking Reviews:

Really enjoyed the bioluminescent tour! Guides are very knowledgeable and provide great instruction for paddling tandem kayaks. This is a must do while you’re visiting!

The Bioluminescence tour was incredible. Our 16 year old (not easily impressed) was blown away as was our entire family. The staff was wonderful. No regrets on this one. We would do it again in a heartbeat!

This was the second year I went kayaking with Adventure Kayak. Both tours were awesome. I had a great time. This year, my finance and I competed the bioluminescence tour, which I highly recommend. It was an absolute blast and was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done on my vacation. Five stars!

Bioluminescent tour was outstanding. Guides kept their distance and on occasions were seemingly absent, especially when guests had questions. However, in darkness, an amazing glow tour and whole family group of ten had fun.

The guides were friendly and helpful. The bioluminescence of the water was amazing and well worth the trip. Highly recommend!

Bioluminescence Cocoa Beach

Another favorite spot for bioluminescence in Florida is Cocoa Beach! Adventure Kayak provides bioluminescence kayaking in Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Island’s! The magic of the islands magnifies with the explosion of light under the water of the Indian River Estuary!

Bioluminescent Kayaking Orlando

The best and closest place near Orlando to experience the bioluminescence is Brevard County, Florida.
Brevard County, known as the Space Coast is home to Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, and the Indian River Lagoon which is the perfect body of water for bio to flourish! Just 40 minutes of East of Orlando, Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island are near Port Canaveral, home to the largest port on the East coast. There’s so many things to do in Cocoa Beach and the surrounding area, you will want to spend more time there than the theme parks!

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