Fun Things to Do in Cocoa Beach with Your Children on Vacation

Congratulations, this will be the best family vacation ever because you have found the best list of fun things to do in Cocoa Beach with your children on a Florida vacation. Explore the area’s beaches, Kennedy Space Center, attractions, and more.

Fun Things for Kids to Do in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and Surrounding Area

Welcome to sunny Cocoa Beach, Florida, where endless fun awaits kids of all ages! From exciting attractions to sandy beaches, this vibrant coastal city offers many activities to entertain your little ones. Cocoa Beach has something for every young explorer, whether they’re into outdoor adventures, marine life, or thrilling rides. Let’s dive into the top fun things for kids to do in Cocoa Beach and its surrounding area.

Exploration Tower In Cape Canaveral Florida

1. Exploration Tower

Exploration Tower is a must-visit attraction that combines education and entertainment. With its stunning architecture and interactive exhibits, this seven-story tower offers panoramic views of Port Canaveral and beyond. Here’s why kids love it:

  • Learn about space exploration and maritime history through engaging exhibits.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of cruise ships, rocket launches, and wildlife from the observation decks.
  • Participate in hands-on activities like designing a Mars colony or piloting a virtual boat.

For more information, call Exploration Tower at +1 (321) 394-3408.

The Brevard Zoo Melbourne Florida

2. Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo is a fantastic place for animal enthusiasts. This lush zoo provides an up-close encounter with a variety of creatures, making it an unforgettable experience for kids. Here’s why it’s a favorite:

  • Marvel at fascinating animals from around the world, including giraffes, kangaroos, and lemurs.
  • Explore the Paws On Play Lagoon, where kids can splash around, dig for fossils, and feed friendly lorikeets.
  • Ride the train or take a kayak tour to discover even more hidden wonders within the zoo.

Plan your visit by calling Brevard Zoo at +1 (321) 254-9453.

The Kennedy Space Center Florida

3. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is an out-of-this-world experience that sparks the imagination and ignites curiosity. With its captivating exhibits and awe-inspiring space artifacts, it’s a dream come true for young aspiring astronauts. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Explore the history of space travel and learn about NASA’s missions through interactive exhibits.
  • Witness a rocket launch or meet real-life astronauts during special events (check the schedule in advance).
  • Experience the thrill of a simulated space shuttle launch at the Shuttle Launch Experience.

For more information, contact the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex at +1 (855) 433-4210.

World Famous Ron Jon Surf Shop In Cocoa Beach

4. Ron Jon Surf Shop

Ron Jon Surf Shop is a legendary destination for beach-loving kids. Known as the world’s largest surf shop, it offers a vibrant shopping experience and a taste of the surf culture. Here’s why kids can’t get enough of it:

  • Explore a massive selection of beachwear, surfboards, and outdoor gear, perfect for young adventurers.
  • Discover unique souvenirs and collectibles that capture the spirit of Cocoa Beach.
  • Take surfing lessons from experienced instructors to catch the perfect wave.

Get ready to ride the waves by calling Ron Jon Surf Shop at +1 (888) 757-8737.

The Cocoa Beach Pier 1920x1280

5. Cocoa Beach Pier

Cocoa Beach Pier is a bustling hub of activity, offering a beachfront playground for kids and families. From fishing to dining, this iconic landmark provides endless entertainment. Here’s what makes it a top attraction:

  • Catch some waves or build sandcastles on the pristine beach just steps away from the pier.
  • Try your hand at fishing off the pier and see if you can reel in a big catch.
  • Indulge in delicious treats and family-friendly meals at the various restaurants and snack bars.

For a fun-filled day at the beach, head to Cocoa Beach Pier!

More Fun Things to Do in Cocoa Beach for Kids

Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science

Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science

Take a deep dive into the past at the Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science. Immerse yourself and the kids in the history of Florida and its natural wonders. Dial them up at (321) 632-1830 or check out their website for more information. Why’s it fun for kids?

  • They get to explore ice age fossils and learn about Florida’s first people.
  • Hands-on exhibits make learning fun and interactive.
  • It’s a great educational day out and a nice break from the sun!
Tiki Cruises Pontoon Boat Liki Tiki

Tiki Cruises Boat Tour

Nothing beats the tropical vibes of the Tiki Cruises Boat Tour! Kids will love cruising the Cocoa Beach waters in style. Give them a buzz at (321) 929-8357 or take a gander at the Tiki Cruises Boat Tours website for schedules and reservations. Why take the kids on board?

  • Chance to spot dolphins and other wildlife.
  • An amazing view of the beautiful sunset.
  • Cool tiki-themed boat ride that’s a blast for all ages.
Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf Cocoa Beach

Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf Cocoa Beach

Swing by Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf in Cocoa Beach for some mini-golf magic. This is no ordinary course, but a tropical adventure that the whole family will love. Call them at (321) 613-0701 or check out the fun at their website. Why’s this a hole-in-one for kids?


  • Two 18-hole courses offer fun challenges for all skill levels.
  • Tropical setting with live gators to observe.
  • Ice cream and burgers at the on-site restaurant!
Cocoa Beach Skate Park

Cocoa Beach Skate Park

Grind, kickflip and have a blast at the Cocoa Beach Skate Park! This safe, modern park is perfect for kids of all skating levels. Ring ’em up at (321) 868-3274 or hit their website to get the lowdown. Why’s it cool for kids?

  • It’s a great place to learn and improve skating skills.
  • Suitable for all levels from beginners to seasoned skaters.
  • It’s a fun way to stay active and make new friends!
Jet Ski & Boat Rentals of Cocoa Beach

Jet Ski & Boat Rentals of Cocoa Beach

Unleash your inner adrenaline junkie with Jet Ski & Boat Rentals of Cocoa Beach. Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of the thrilling water activities. You can call them at (321) 453-8900 or visit their website to plan your adventure. Why’s it a splash for kids?

  • They’ll love the thrill of jet skiing or boating.
  • Beautiful scenery and a chance to spot dolphins.
  • Safe, guided experiences available for beginners.

Additional Resources for a Family Vacation in Cocoa Beach

For more information about things to do in Cocoa Beach and the surrounding area, you can visit the following websites:

  • Visit Space Coast: Discover a wide range of attractions, events, and outdoor activities for kids and families.
  • Cocoa Beach: Explore the official website of Cocoa Beach for information on beaches, parks, and local attractions.
  • Florida Today: Stay updated on the latest news, events, and happenings in the Cocoa Beach area.

Cocoa Beach, Florida, is ideal for family vacations with its sunny beaches and thrilling activities. Sunbathe, excite, and make memories with your kids. Take advantage of this beachfront paradise!

Cape Canaveral Florida Rocket Launch

In Conclusion, Your Children Will Love Cocoa Beach

Nestled in the heart of Florida, the captivating locale of Cocoa Beach along with its surrounding territories are teeming with a myriad of thrilling and child-centric activities that promise to turn every day into a memorable adventure. From the allure of space exploration that ignites the fire of curiosity in their young minds, to the delight of encountering various animals at a close range which allows for an immersive, educational experience, the options are endless.

Moreover, what could be more invigorating than riding the glistening waves that crash against the pristine shores, or simply reclining on the soft, sandy beach under the golden sun? Such simple pleasures can provide some of the most unforgettable moments. The city is a treasure trove of fun-filled escapades tailor-made for children of all ages, ensuring no moment goes dull during your stay.

So it’s time to start preparing for your trip; pack your bags with all the essentials, not forgetting your sun protection. Get ready for an unparalleled family vacation in the gorgeous city of Cocoa Beach, Florida. The countless memories you make here will be cherished forever, guaranteed to make your getaway nothing short of unforgettable.

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