Where to see bioluminescence in Florida

Where to see bioluminescence in Florida

The Indian River Lagoon in Brevard County, Florida is among the best places to see bioluminescence in Florida. One of the best ways to experience the bioluminescence is on an evening kayak tour during the summer months, June – September.

Kayak Cocoa Beach, FL – Guided Kayak Tours Review Photos

Kayak Cocoa Beach – Trip Advisor Review Photo Gallery:
Guest photos from Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach’s Trip Advisor compiled in one gallery.

Kayaking Through the Mangrove Tunnels in Cocoa Beach

kayaking in cocoa beach

group kayak tours in cocoa beach

cocoa beach kayaking

a beautiful day for a kayak tour

mangrove tunnels cocoa beach

Kayaking with Florida’s Wild Birds

Florida’s Wild Birds – Kayaking the Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands

Cormorant Cocoa BeachBlue Heron in Mangrove


Kayak with Rockets in Cocoa Beach!

The Atlas V Launch – Kayak with Rockets in Cocoa Beach!

Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

What a treat we had today while on the water! The Atlas V rocket took off soaring into the big blue Florida sky from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, at 12:13 pm. Needless to say, the group we had out on the water were psyched to be able to watch a launch from the water in the Indian River Lagoon.

kayak with Rockets Cocoa BeachThe Atlas V delivered a GPS satellite into space for the US Air Force. The GPS IIF-11 is the 11th in a series of 12 satellites for the Air Force and is developed to improve navigational information for our troops across the globe.

kayak with Rockets Cocoa Beach

If you want to Kayak with Rockets in Cocoa Beach, the NASA launch schedule for the remainder of 2015 is scheduled as follows:

Date: December 15, 2015 – 6:03 a.m. Eastern

Date: December 21, 2015


Kayaking in Cocoa Beach’s Mangrove Tunnels – Sept. 2015

Kayaking in Cocoa Beach’s Mangrove Tunnels

Kayaking year round with Adventure Kayak. Today we explored the mangrove tunnels of Cocoa Beach and immediately spotted a Great Blue Heron fishing along the water’s edge. great blue heron cocoa beach

The red mangrove roots provide shelter for fish and reptiles alike. red mangrove leaves roots cocoa beach

The mangrove tunnels of Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands are perfect for protection from strong winds, but can be challenging to navigate through without a tour guide. kayak cocoa beach mangroves

An Anhinga, also known as the “snake bird” sits on a tree branch while drying it’s wings in the sun. Anhinga dive under water to fish and cannot fly until their wings are dry enough. anhinga cocoa beach kayak tourRamp Road Park in Cocoa Beach is one of 2 public launching parks that provide access to the Thousand Islands. Ramp Road Park is best to launch from during the week and guided tours are not allowed on the weekends.
ramp road park cocoa beach scenery

Kayaking with the Great Blue Heron in Cocoa Beach

Great Blue Heron Thousand Islands, Cocoa Beach, FL

just another sunny day on the water and we spotted the majestic Great Blue Heron fishing along the shore.

Check out our photo gallery of Wild Birds photo gallery

great blue heron Cocoa Beach

Photo captured by LiveNearWater.com while on a guided kayak tour with Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours

Bioluminescent Kayaking Guide

Excitement mounts as we prepare for our bioluminescent kayaking tour!


Our guide leads us out into the cove. While we wait for the sun to set, a blue heron rests on the post near his kayak.


We paddle out some and stop to observe the manatee surfacing near our kayaks.

Kayaking with Dolphin near Orlando


Photo by: Don Norris, Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach

If you are looking to go Kayaking with Dolphin near Orlando, you have to try kayaking on an Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach guided nature tour!Although we cannot guarantee that dolphin will be visible, it is a common occurrence to see and experience dolphin frolicking and playing nearby when on a kayaking tour near Orlando. Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach was founded 14 years ago by a Central Florida native and has been offering kayaking adventures near Orlando ever since. As the only kayak eco-tour company that offers TWO Naturalists certified in the Florida Master Naturalists, Coastal Systems Program

as well as a Navy Survival Instructor on Staff, you will be amazed at the information and enjoyment of your kayaking tour! Just take a look at what our guests are saying:

Wonderful Excursion – Trip Advisor review of Kayaking with Dolphin near Orlando
“What a great trip! Kayaking through the open waters and mangrove tunnels. We saw a manatee right off and some dolphins. The guides did a great job of accommodating the abilities and interests of all of the people in the group. The instruction before we began was really helpful in navigating the craft. The guides made sure we were hydrated with their water coolers. Equipment was in great condition. It was a great trip a great price. We look forward to going again soon to explore a new area. Thank you especially to Matt who was an excellent guide!!!”
Visited August 2014

Kayak with manatee in Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands

Kayak with Manatee

Kayak with Manatee in Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands. On a quiet July morning in Cocoa Beach, kayakers experience the calm encounter of the manatee found in their local habitat of the Indian River lagoon. Watch the kayak with manatee video: