Cocoa Beach is a sandy wonderland for kids. The endless beach, warm weather, and a welcome atmosphere make this place a must-visit. Along with the beautiful nature that surrounds the beach, there are various attractions for kids. Here are three exciting things you can with your kids at Cocoa Beach.

Dinosaur Store

The dinosaur store is around 26,000 sq. ft. with two levels of historical exhibits of dinosaurs and human cultures. When you visit Cocoa Beach with your kids, don’t forget to add this museum to your list.

Take your kids on a prehistoric journey by taking them through the exhibitions in the Hall of Dinosaurs. You can also wander around and learn about Egyptian culture. After touring and learning, you can snag some souvenirs from the store as keepsakes!

Kennedy Space Center

Are you searching for educational activities at Cocoa Beach? Drive your kids to the Kennedy Space Center. The NASA visitor center will fascinate your kids in more ways than you can imagine. You can find cool exhibits, IMAX theatres, spaceport tours, and memorabilia.

Your kids can relive the Apollo 8 launch and watch the first moon landing at the Lunar Theatre.

Cocoa Beach Skate Park

The Cocoa Beach Skate Park is operated and run by CB Skateboard Company with exciting rails, thrilling bowls, and cheerful staff.

Surfboards are the only boards your kids will ride at Cocoa Beach. Your young skaters can get in a few skating tricks at the skate park and unveil their inner Tony Hawk. If your kids don’t want to skate, they can hang out by the park, especially after sunset. Watching the skaters show off is also very entertaining.

Skate park

Florida Surf Museum

While Ron Jon surf stores are present across the US, its flagship store is present in Cocoa Beach because of the Florida Surf Museum. The museum opened in 1999 and showcases the history and culture of surfing in Florida. From exhibits to public events, the Florida Surf Museum celebrates the vibrant surfing scene of Florida.

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