After sunset, the plankton begins to play in the Indian River lagoon. You can find some of the brightest dinoflagellate bioluminescence on your kayaking tours. You can paddle through the calm waters to experience the magical display of light and dark under the night sky. Stingrays and fish offer you a unique experience on a bioluminescence tour in Cocoa Beach. Here’s all you can expect.

The Summer Adventure

Experience an epic summer adventure at the Indian River lagoon. You’ve seen nothing if you haven’t experienced a bioluminescence tour in Cocoa Beach! Our expert guides will paddle you to the best places where you can enjoy nature at its finest. The tours are ideal for family and friends, so book yours now!

Bioluminescent jellyfish

Our Bioluminescence Tour: How to Prepare and What to Expect

  1. After gathering at the location, our guides will give you a detailed brief about the trip and provide safety gear.
  2. To avoid getting harassed by the mosquitoes, you should wear full sleeved shirts and have bug repellent spray handy.
  3. As bioluminescence can be experienced best at night, we leave right after sunset to reach the best spot in time. You will encounter wild birds and manatees in the cove before we venture into the lagoon.
  4. As the sky begins to get dark, you will see the water glow under your paddle. Paddling closer to the shore in the dark of the night will allow you to experience the true essence of bioluminescence. From fish and stingrays to manatees, every movement produces a magical glow that looks like watching fireworks underwater.
  5. The bioluminescent kayaking trip is around 1.5 to two hours long. We will provide you with drinking water, a crash course on kayaking, and all you need to know to have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience possible.
  6. Our bioluminescence tour is best for small and large families, along with couples who are seeking a romantic escapade into the magical waters of the Indian River Lagoon.

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