If you’re a secret wildlife explorer and a die-hard nature lover, you’re probably aware of this fascinating natural phenomena. Bioluminescence is when an organism can create light and is most common in oceanic creatures like squid, comb jellies, fish and other animals that are made predominantly of water.

It is usually blue in color because it travels the most through water but can also be violet, green-yellow, and even red. It’s made when an enzyme reacts with a substrate to make light. While it’s difficult to learn the main purpose behind bioluminescence, there’s no denying that it’s pretty cool!

Here are some fun facts about bioluminescence that you can explore in our exclusive bioluminescence kayak tours.

Bioluminescent organisms are still a mystery

bioluminescent jellyfish

Even though they are widely studied, there is still so much to learn about bioluminescent organisms. Scientists have been unable to answer why they’re common in oceanic water bodies but not freshwater. There are no bioluminescent animals that live on land and we still don’t know how this phenomenon evolved.

They are difficult to study

Coming across bioluminescence is a rare occurrence and observing them requires very strict conditions. This is because bright lights can scare them away and may even cause permanent damage to them. Some can’t even be seen easily under ordinary lights and all this makes it incredibly difficult to collect samples for further observation.

They function on their own circadian rhythm

It’s common for these organisms to run on an internal clock and circadian rhythm which allows them to photosynthesize during the day, and rest for a bit before they light up at night.

Bioluminescent comb jellyfish are hermaphrodites

This means that they are both male and female at the same time and can fertilize themselves by releasing sperm and egg in the water. They reproduce asexually and can lay as many as 10,000 eggs given the right circumstances.

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