One of the best outdoor activities that you could try is taking a kayaking tour, especially in the summer months. And it gets even better if you go to check out the bioluminescence that has graced certain bodies of water. Even though taking a kayak tour with us means you don’t need any prior experience, it is a physically demanding task.

You may need to work on your upper body resistance and strength training to enjoy a kayaking experience with no sore muscles. Kayaking itself is an excellent full-body workout that helps you tone your core, legs, shoulders, and upper back. Like yoga, it allows your body to work on smaller muscle groups that give your body definition.

If you’re planning on taking a kayaking tour and want to prepare yourself for a good time, here are some exercises that can help you get in shape!

Some general training tips from the experts are to do the following:

Focus on building your strength

Most people assume that to be a good kayaker, you need to have strong arms so you can paddle better. However, it’s your core muscles that will help you move forward with ease. The arms are weaker, so a more robust middle gives you the foundation you need to push yourself more.

Planks are a great full-body workout, as well as Pilates or Tabata routines. These allow you to work on the core and build stamina as well.

Work on increasing your endurance

When it comes to the upper body, instead of bigger muscles, focus on building endurance. Kayaking requires repeated motions for long times, and when you work on building resistance in the upper body, there is a lesser likelihood of sore muscles.

Yoga is a popular choice for those who don’t like too much movement when working out but want to build resistance. You can even try yoga with resistance bands to take it up a notch.

A woman running

Amp up the cardio

Any workout regimen that doesn’t have an element of cardio is not complete. As grueling as cardio can seem, you can always pick an activity that you enjoy doing to squeeze in this fat-burning exercise. Try swimming or running in the morning to keep it interesting for yourself. You can also try kickboxing exercises at home to work on your upper body strength at the same time as well.

If you want to enjoy peak bioluminescence kayaking season in the summertime in Florida, we bring you exclusive tours in Cocoa Beach that are fun for all. We, at Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach, have been offering expert guided tours for over 20 years and can help you make a family vacation or grand event even more memorable.

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