Paddling Techniques You Should Know When Going Kayaking

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Guided Kayak Tours, Kayaking

Once you’ve learned the basics of kayaking, the next step is to master paddling; like any other sport knowing about proper techniques will help you win at it.

Paddling a Kayak Safely

Know Before You Go

Let’s learn about the right way to paddle so that you can enjoy this beautiful sport without risking your life:

  • Choosing the right kayak with the correct paddle length is something most people miss, but an incorrect paddle size can lead to injuries.
  • The shaft is the part of the paddle you hold; it’s necessary to know how to grip the shaft properly before going into the water.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on your arms; try to exert energy on the paddle from your core, so your muscles won’t get strained.
  • Never bend back on the seat and keep your back straight to maintain focus and avoid back pain.
  • To move smoothly, hold the paddle from its center and keep your hands at an equal distance.

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