Night Kayaking is the most popular recreational activity in Florida, after theme parks. If you’re looking for an adventure that’s different from the rest, consider experiencing night kayaking.

Think of it like this: you, with a selected group of people, wandering over the still water, taking in nature’s beauty as the moonlight shines on you, under a sky full of stars. And if that’s not beautiful enough, then you’ll most likely be smitten with a little bioluminescence kayaking tour!

It’s a completely different way of experiencing nature, and with the scenic lakes, rives routes, the darkness amidst the moonlight, you’ll remember this kayaking trip forever.

Here are some reasons why you should give night kayaking a go!

Did you know that over fifteen million people in the US kayak every year? And the numbers keep on increasing, unsurprisingly.

Comb JellyfishIt’s a Great Workout

If you’re a fitness geek, you’d love this one, and if you’re someone who runs away from workouts: you’ll still love this one!

Kayaking is a great upper body workout that comes with water, exploration, and a lot of adventure. Whether you’re paddling away on a simple lake or going for some crazy rafting adventures, you’re sure to have fun and a work out at the same time.

It Comes with a Community Aspect

It’s recommended not to go out kayaking alone; the preferable mode is booking group kayak tours. There’s something about sharing this other-worldly experience with other people where you share the same scenic beauty with a small group at nighttime, enjoy the expansive sea and the star-studded sky.

Bioluminescence is Ethereal

In night tours like ours, you get to experience bioluminescence.

This means you get to see the sea light up! This light is emitted by planktons that live in the sea, and they light up the water as you make paddle through the water.

You May Spot Comb Jellyfish!

Comb jellyfish glow too!

In Florida, between November and May, you get to see Comb jellyfish all over the area. They don’t sting, but they do protect themselves by giving off a bluish-green glow that just makes night kayaking an experience that stays with you forever.

Are you planning to go on a night kayaking trip?

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