a couple enjoying a sunset at Cocoa Beach

Maybe it’s the iconic beach moments in rom-coms or just the stunning sunsets accompanied by the soft sounds of lapping water, but the beach will forever be the place for lovers.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a romantic moment with your special someone. Sure long walks on the beach are fun—but if you’re looking to take date night a few notches higher, here are some great ideas to try.

1. A Romantic Picnic on the Beach

A picnic is a pretty cute date idea because it shows that you’re willing to put in some effort, but planning one at the beach helps elevate it to the next level. Whether you choose to do it at sunrise, sunset, or even by the moonlight, a beach picnic can definitely help you am up the charm. Don’t forget to pack the essentials: easy-to-handle food, drinks, blankets, and mosquito repellant.

a couple enjoying a romantic boating experience

Take your significant other for a romantic boat ride with just the two of you. The Indian River Lagoon is especially calm and quiet during the winter months because there are fewer tourists in the area. Enjoy the best of Florida’s natural beauty with serene lakes, lush mangrove marshes, and marine life.

3. Enjoy the Sunset in a Kayak

Watch the sun go down with your loved one while kayaking and create a memorable experience together. We’ve worked closely with many couples to provide private guided adventure tours of Cocoa Beach. If you want, we can even help you find the best spots with incredible sights, including manatees and other marine wildlife.

Book a Cocoa Beach Kayak Tour.

4. Walk Along Cocoa Pier

Yes, we know walking along the beach is cliché—but what if you’re walking on it. The Cocoa Pier is an iconic location that makes for some of the best attractions of the city. This 800-yard strip is lined with gorgeous sights, trendy restaurants, and unique gift shops—all this, set against some excellent background music from some of the best local bands.

5. Take a Bioluminescent Tour

bioluminescence kayaking tour at Cocoa Beach

A bioluminescent kayak tour offers some mesmerizing sights as the ocean lights up with thousands of microorganisms at night. Summer nights are perfect for bioluminescent kayaking because this is when plankton production is at its peak.

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your loved one while being safely guided through Florida waters with our expert night kayaking tour guides.

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