Orlando isn’t just about Disney World and partying, there’s more to this chaotic city with its theme parks and nightlife. Orlando has many beaches that should definitely be explored by those seeking thrilling adventures and a relaxing time.

Beaches in Florida are all perfect for day and night trips with friends and family. There’s a beach for everyone here: from travelers to explorers to locals. Head away from the city, enjoy great restaurants by the sea, and have fun exploring another side of Orlando.

Here are the best beaches near Orlando that you must visit.

Vero Beach

About two hours from Disney World, Vero Beach is also known for Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. This area is known for its sea turtle nests seen along the shores and in the dunes. You’ll have plenty of tourist restaurants along this way but if you travel a bit more, you’ll find more adventurous hang-out places like the American Icon Brewery.

Palm TreesCocoa Beach

The ever more famous Cocoa Beach!

Perfect for those that love the spaciousness and a clear blue ocean to relax around. Located very close to the Kennedy Space Center, you can sit and watch rockets lift off to space. Can it get any more heavenly? Cocoa Beach is also known for its great kayaking adventures, including bioluminescence tours and plenty of surfing.

Flagler Beach

The to-be spot for those that love fishing, Flagler Beach is just a few miles south of St. Augustine. The beaches here connect waterways where families bring along their boats and paddleboards for a day at the beach.

Daytona Beach

For a wilder, more chaotic audience, Daytona Beach has spring break crowds, race cars, beach bars, and people enjoying carnival-type rides and games. Enjoy seafood restaurants, and have the time of your life here.

Clearwater Beach

If you’re not one for loud crowds and partying, Clearwater Beach is the perfect spot to relax. It’s perfect for watersports lovers and you can jet ski, paddleboard, and parasail here in the daytime.

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