Who doesn’t like to go to the beach? It’s no secret that Americans love the beach, especially during the summer. The sun shining on top of you, the sounds of waves, your reflection in the clear blue water- it’s a truly relaxing experience.

What makes this experience more fun is to be surrounded by your family and loved ones. The casual and liberating features of the beach allow you and your family to engage in various fun activities.

Here are some fun beach activities you can get inspiration from to make your day memorable.

Beach Volleyball

People playing volleyball

The more, the merrier is the principle that makes volleyball incredibly fun. It’s a highly inclusive sport that makes sure no one is left out. Whether it’s children, parents, or grandparents, everyone’s invited.

The best part is that you can bring out your competitive side since sand provides the perfect cushioned surface for you to fall back on. All you need is a net, a ball, and a big family, and you can let the fun begin.

Enjoy a Beach Picnic

There’s nothing like enjoying a light brunch on the seaside with your favorite snacks and favorite people. Usually, people prefer to go for fancy lunches with their families on weekends. However, the intimacy, relaxation, and peace that beaches provide are hard to find elsewhere.

All you need is a mat, some cheese, crackers, fruits, chips, beverages, and you’re good to go.

Build Sandcastles

Building sandcastles, AKA sand forts, isn’t only something kids do. With the beach toys, such as buckets, spades, molds, etc., people from all age groups are drawn to building the highest castle. Beaches also provide beautiful shells and rocks to decorate your sand castles and to add a cherry on top!

Play Games

Several games are ideal for playing at the beach and require a lot of people. Some of these games include Marco polo, frisbee, scrabble, kings, tag, hide-n-seek, etc.

You’ll need to bring the games yourself in case you want to play board games, but for the others, all you need is some interested people!

Go for a Kayaking Tour

Kayaking is the perfect all-inclusive beach activity for you and your family and even your pets. Kayaking allows people to leave all their worries at the shore and drift away in the serenity of the water. While you’re enjoying the scenic views surrounding you, you’re also engaging in a low-impact workout which helps keep your mind and body active.

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