Aerial View of Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach has a little bit of everything. Situated in Brevard County, Florida, this slice of heaven is home to roughly 11500 people and abundant wildlife. It’s gifted with a lifetime’s worth of nature parks, lagoons, and natural resources. This makes it the perfect place for outdoor activities.

This Mother’s Day, treat Mommy Dearest to anything from a guided adventure tour to a Cone Jellyfish tour and more.

Ramp Road Park Kayak Tour

If you and the fam are manatee, bottlenose dolphin, and Floridian bird fans, we suggest heading out to Thousand Islands at Ramp Road Park. The park will give you almost direct access to Banana River Lagoon’s gorgeous and well-preserved ecosystem.

The creatures are friendly, not to mention extremely intelligent. The bonding experience will be truly precious, and you will be hard-pressed to go back by the time it ends.

Mangrove Tunnel Kayaking

A tour available to both kids and adults, Mangrove Tunnel Kayaking is a two-hour expedition at the Cocoa Beach Country Club and is a somewhat educational and relaxed traverse through Thousand Islands’ mangrove forest.

You will learn about the ecosystem and meet exotic plants and animals in their natural habitat. This is a great timeout for a mother and the perfect thing to do on the less extreme side of the scale.


Two Kayaks Sailing Around a Manatee

Cone Jelly Kayaking Tour

It may be a while until you can treat your mom to a bioluminescence kayaking tour, what with being a summer special. However, you can still enjoy nighttime kayaking and view the cone jellies glow during the night.

The tour generally runs from 90 minutes to two hours and is the best value for money and Mother’s Day.

Private Kayaking Tour

You can make this day extra special for your mother by booking a personalized private tour. You get to decide where in Central Florida you want to kayak and see horseshoe crabs, stingrays, and the ever-present birds.

The guided tour is an amazing fete for beginners who aren’t sure if kayaking is for them, so don’t you worry if your mom’s a total amateur; we’ll make sure she fits right in.

Spend this Mother’s Day Taking Kayak Tours Around Cocoa Beach

We give guided kayaking tours to both kids and adults near Orlando in Central Florida. The kayaking itself is an unreal experience with sights seen to be believed, and you can see them because you don’t have to know kayaking in order to enjoy it. Our staff will be sure to keep you safe and show you the ropes before and during the tour.

Call +1 (321) 480-8632  to book a Mother’s Day private or group kayak tour.





Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach