Exploring Mangrove Tunnels in Florida

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Mangrove Tunnels

Florida has such polar different sides that it’s a spectacle to witness both. One is urban Florida, alight with dazzling lights and the humdrum of life, and then there’s quainter Florida, one with secluded mangrove tunnels and beaches harboring wildlife that fills one with awe and wonder.

So, are you in for admiring Florida’s unique ecosystem below canopied water channels? Keep reading to find out more.

a heron standing on water by the mangroves

Wild Bird Standing in Shallow Water Near Mangrove Trees

The Role of Majestic Mangrove Channels of Florida

As an explorer, it’s a fulfilling experience to paddle through Florida’s mangrove tunnels in a group kayak tour. The mangrove pathways are dense, starting from Cedar Key to Cape Canaveral.

These combined tunnels create what we call a splendid tree of life that is home to many of Florida’s exotic wildlife like herons, ospreys, pelicans, bald eagles, snowy egrets, and more.

The Mangrove Tunnels of Florida

Florida’s mangroves form what we call “mangrove tunnels.” The waterway is covered by huge and dense mangrove canopies creating a tunneling effect. Most of these tunnels were created years ago to control the mosquito population. However, that didn’t work. The result? Mangroves that eventually grew so large they formed beautiful canopies and became home to wildlife and marine life.

Other mangrove channels were more natural, formed due to the movement of tides.

Most of these channels are maintained by different parks and eco-tour guides so people on group kayak tours can experience a relaxing, enjoyable adventure.

The Florida Keys Mangrove Tunnel

You’ll see red, black, and white mangroves in the Florida Keys that you can access by kayak. Here you’ll witness old mangrove tunnels along with marine life that makes you sigh in awe.

Islamorada Mangrove Tunnel

The mangroves of Islamorada are vast and magical, forming a dense tunnel that makes you feel warm and cocooned. The mangrove forests are filled with beautiful flora, exotic wildlife, and silence that feels ethereal.

Everglades Mangrove Tunnel

This tunnel is nothing less than magic. It presents a magnificent landscape where light is slow and subdued, the wind blows softly as if whispering, and canopies hang, covering us in their shelter. Around you, the wildlife goes on, and under you, the water flows.

Mangrove Tree Roots are Very Thick

Mangrove Tree Roots are Very Thick

Thousand Islands Mangrove Tunnel

There is an old, natural mangrove tunnel in Thousand Islands, Cocoa Beach, where manatees and dolphins greet you. You’ll meet Great Herons, Ibis, Roseate Spoonbills, and many more exotic organisms here.

Book a Guided Tour to Florida’s Mangrove Tunnels

Explore the wildlife in its natural habitat with Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach’s daytime mangrove tunnels group kayak tours. View herons, brown pelicans, ospreys, manatees, bottlenose dolphins, and more in a relaxing way today. Get your kayaking adventure started!

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