The Difference between Canoeing and Kayaking

by | Dec 26, 2020 | Kayaking

Even though there are plenty of things to do in Cocoa Beach, such as sightseeing, shopping, and trying out new eateries, nothing beats the water activities that this place has to offer. One of the most popular and raved activities here are the bioluminescent kayak tours.

Most people can’t tell the difference between canoeing and kayaking since the two sports share various similarities. To help you differentiate, here are 4 differences between the two:

1.    The Size and Speed

Canoes tend to have more room since they are broader and heavier boats that can carry two to three paddlers at a time. On the other hand, kayaks are smaller, lighter, and typically carry one kayaker at a time.

With lesser people on board and sleek, narrow structures, kayaks tend to be a faster alternative than canoes.

2.    The Difference in Paddles

Canoe paddles are typically flat and bladed on one side compared to kayak paddles, which are curved and bladed on both ends. Paddles allow respective vessels to be propelled and maneuvered in unique ways, making canoeing and kayaking two different sports.

3.    Postures and Positioning

When canoeing, the paddler is seated on a raised seat and transitions from an upright seated position to a kneeling position for a better grip on the paddles and overall control of the boat’s movement.

However, when kayaking, the kayaker is seated on the floor and must keep their upper body upright; leaving their lower body laid out in front of them in a relaxed and open position.

4.    Purpose and Technique

man in kayak makes his way in the sea

If you’re a traveler, pick a boat that suits your journey and water activity. Canoes are best suited for calm waters. If you plan on carrying a lot of gear and need to make multiple trips, a canoe’s spaciousness would be a good option.

However, kayaks are preferred for water sports or traveling in exposed waters, such as the ocean or the sea. They’re easier to handle and maneuver around in rough waters, thus preventing swamping.

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