Kayaking Essentials

by | May 3, 2022 | Kayaking

Get Ready for a Kayaking Adventure

Outdoor adventures like kayaking are always a lot of fun. However, having the right equipment and gear can turn a good trip into a great one.

Here’s a list of things to take with you:


Dry bags are a great way to keep your kit dry when you’re kayaking. You can put a spare set of clothes or your mobile phone in it; they’re watertight, so keep your precious contents dry even if you capsize.


It’s a waterproof skirt to wear on your body, so when you sit inside your kayak cockpit, it wraps around the opening and stops water from getting inside your boat.


Kayaking beginners and advanced paddlers generally always wear a helmet. It protects your head from getting bashed by your paddle as well as from your boat if you capsize.

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