All About Florida’s Magical Mangrove Tunnels

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It’s no secret that Florida has some of the most magnificent mangroves in the United States. These mangroves then form Florida’s magical mangrove tunnels. Although they were created to keep tabs on the growing mosquito population, it’s grown to breathtaking canopies and is now home to exceptional wildlife. On the other hand, the other mangroves were formed naturally.

Most of these mangrove channels are managed by various eco-tour guides and parks for people to enjoy mangrove tunnel kayak tours. Let’s explore some of Florida’s magical mangrove tunnels.

Kayak Tour in Thousand Islands Mangrove Tunnels

Thousand Islands, Cocoa Beach’s Mangrove Tunnels

The Thousand Islands is divided into half by Minutemen Causeway and is a fraction of the Banana River Lagoon. The Thousand Islands has a land of nearly 900 acres of mangrove tunnels, salt marsh, and spoil sites. Just a few minutes from Cocoa Beach, you’ll come by an old Floridian mangrove tunnel known as “The Amazon” This mangrove tunnel is in the Thousand Islands.

Individuals from all across Florida come to kayak with Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach’s group kayak tours through the mangrove tunnels of Thousand Islands. Before the Thousand Islands’ mangrove tunnels, you’ll spot dolphins and manatees. However, once you go deeper into these stunning mangrove tunnels, you’ll encounter various birds such as Ibis, green herons, spoonbills, great herons, and more.

Sure, all of Florida’s mangrove tunnels are indeed magical, but there’s something truly breathtaking about these mangrove tunnels. Once you’ve explored these mangrove tunnels, you’ll understand it’s an indescribable feeling.

Islamorada’s Mangrove Tunnels

If you’re visiting Islamorada, you need to explore the mangroves! Islamorada is home to stunning mangrove tunnels offering striking scenery galore. You’ll be awe-struck journeying this exceptional fraction of Florida’s varied ecosystem. Having said that, Islamorada’s mangroves have much more than just gorgeous trees.

Mangroves are easily identified by their twisted, knotted, and exposed roots. This design allows the trees to withstand high and low tides, preserve water clarity to shield seagrass and coral, and act as a coastline erosion barrier. Moreover, Islamorada’s mangrove tunnels are rare fauna such as tropical fish, sea birds, manatees, sea stars, iguanas, etc.

There are many different species of mangroves worldwide, but just a few of them live in South Florida. Islamorada covers almost 469,000 acres of mangrove forests in the state, so you’re likely to spot all these diverse species.

Everglades Mangrove Tunnel

The Everglades region is home to an exceptional ecosystem having one of the most extensive mangrove forests. These mangrove tunnels are home to herons, ducks, spoonbills, otters, fish, stilts, etc. Moreover, when exploring these mangrove tunnels, you have a surreal experience with the sunlight gleaming through the canopies.

Pushing off the Sides of the Narrow Mangrove Tunnel

Pushing off the Sides of the Narrow Mangrove Tunnel

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