5 Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Kayaking

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Kayaking

With all the exam stress, arguments with loved ones, unsuccessful weight loss regimes and irregular sleeping patterns, we desperately need a relaxing break—or maybe just a quick getaway!

And what better way to rejuvenate than indulge in a soothing kayaking tour?

As humans, we all have our connection with nature, which is important for our wellbeing. Physical exercise pumps up our endorphins and boosts our mood, but simply being outdoors can also have a similar effect. Hence, a combination of the two is kayaking; the ultimate fix to do away with troubles and give an instant dopamine rush!

Here are the top reasons why everyone should give kayak tours a go!

1.     Achieve Your Target Weight

Besides being an enjoyable activity, kayaking is also a full-body workout. It allows movement in your shoulders, back and arms as you paddle and navigate through the water, thereby increasing your upper body muscle and strength.

The faster you go, the more cardio you get in, burning both calories and fat. Furthermore, it also tones the legs and helps strengthen the core muscles since each paddle requires you to go forward and backward while contracting your abs—working your obliques and activating your calve muscles.

2.     Helps in Building Stamina

Any physical activity done for a prolonged period helps build your endurance and stamina—the same is the case with kayaking.

The longer you push yourself to endure this exercise, the easier it will be to feel less tired. Plus, building stamina also affects other aspects of your life, allow you to do more tedious tasks without felling weary.

3.     Gets You The Required Vitamin D Dosage

Vitamin D strengthens the bones and muscles, and adequate exposure to sunlight helps activate vitamin D levels in our body, keeping our bones healthy.

4.     Stress Release

Kayaking is an excellent way to connect with nature and exercise in the outdoors. Simply being in fresh air is refreshing and the added endorphin rush and dopamine release associated with a physical exercise like kayaking helps release all the pent up stress.

So, the next time you need a time-out, get packing and go kayaking!

5.     Regulates Sleeping Patterns

woman sitting on white bed while stretching

By the time you paddle into the waters and head back home, you’re bound to be exhausted, which will ultimately help you fall asleep much quicker than you would on a typical day.

Your exhaustion from the day helps achieve a state of a deep sleep, giving both your mind and body the chance to recover.

Now that you’re both eager and excited to rebuild your life, try out this fun activity in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Contact Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach for day and night Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours throughout Central Florida today!

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