We all have our bucket list of things we want to accomplish, places we want to see, and feats we want to conquer. If your bucket list of adventure includes visiting the Space Coast, you’re in luck!

One of the most fascinating cities found on the Space Coast is Cocoa Beach, known far and wide by surfers as home of the most popular surfer – Kelly Slater. This place is well in its right for being the most legendary but is also popular for many other fascinating reasons. Here are some interesting things that many people don’t know about Cocoa Beach!

beachgoers relaxing on Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach belonged to freed slaves

Historians continue to debate over this but the city is said to have belonged to slaves after the civil war ended. The city records show that a family of slaves that were freed was the first to establish a colony here and Native Americans used to live here once. However, a hurricane caused the first settlers to displace. It was re-inhabited around 1888 and Gus Edwards, an attorney, was claimed as a founder. Until 1922, there was no bridge that connected Cocoa Beach to the outside land.

The most famous surf shop by Ron Jon is not original

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions for surfers and is famous all over the world. The first Ron Jon Surf Shop actually existed in Long Beach Island, New Jersey back in 1961. The original owner opened it when he needed a new board made of fiberglass but was unable to find it.

Cocoa Beach is historically famous for being a war site

Along with Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach holds historical importance for being one of the places where German U-Boats were expected to crash. People who lived there had to cover their windows that faced east with black tape, and parts of their headlights too to dim the light and avoid making U.S. ships more visible.

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