Bioluminescent Kayaking Tours Booking August, September, October 2014!
Daily Daytime and Moonlight Kayaking Tours! 


Adults $30.00  Youth $20.00 17 & Under
Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach

Your Adventure Awaits! Fun for all ages! 

Looking for things to do in Cocoa Beach? We have Kayak Tours Throughout Central Florida's Space Coast for all ages! In fact, most people that go on our tour, have never kayaked before!

Kayak with dolphins, manatees, islands, a variety of birds. Most tourists never see the natural side of Cocoa Beach, just minutes from all the resorts! 

Adventurous things to do with Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach!

We invite you to slip away on an unforgettable, 100% Organic kayaking adventure!
Come experience the natural beauty and diverse eco-system of the Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands area "up close" on one of our exciting, guided kayak eco-tours! Just Add Water! 
Fun things to do for the whole family, with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE necessary! 

Bioluminescent Kayaking Tours - Now through October

                                                                                               Adults $30 | Youth $20 Pay%20for%20Kayak%20Tour%20in%20Cocoa%20Beach bioluminescent%20kayaking%20cocoa%20beachAdventure Kayak Orlando now offers bioluminescent kayaking tours shortly after sunset when there is no full moon.
(Check our
Moon phase calendar)
Embark on this spectacular kayaking adventure and you will slowly begin to see the swirls from your paddles producing a glow in the water that is caused by bioluminescence - living lights in the water. As it gets dark, you will see almost everything in the water, from schools of darting fish, to West Indian Manatees and Atlantic Bottle-nose dolphins. Even the flow of water over the sea grass generates a ghostly bioluminescent radiance! Every movement produces a beautiful blue-green glowing light. As you paddle, you will experience the brilliant wave pattern that forms as the kayaks slice through the water. If you stroke your hand through the water, your skin will be covered with a green flashing glitter. Bioluminescent kayaking is a truly one-of-a-kind, 'must see' experience! Bioluminescent Kayaking Video 


Our Cocoa Beach kayaking trips are intended for those who want to get a taste of the relaxing shallow waters and view some of the exotic wildlife of Florida. Exploring mangrove tunnels, channels and islands, examples of some commonly seen wildlife you might encounter include: Great Blue Herons, Atlantic Bottle-nose Dolphin, Manatees, Snowy Egrets, White Ibis, Roseate Spoonbills, Brown Pelicans, Double Crested Cormorants, Ospreys, Bald Eagles, Least Terns, Southern Stingrays and much more! Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach provides you with experienced and professional tour guides who are there to help you Kayak with Manatee and Dolphin! 
Morning and afternoon Daily Guided Kayak Tours launch from various locations in the Cocoa Beach area and are roughly 2-1/2 hours in duration. Our kayak tours progress at a leisurely pace with ample opportunities for everyone to observe, enjoy and ask questions about the environment while improving your kayaking skills. 
Check out Astronaut Ed Cheung's blog on his family's day out with Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach! 

Call 321-480-8632       Pay%20for%20Kayak%20Tour%20in%20Cocoa%20Beach
We offer kayak tours all over the Space Coast! Check out the tour locations below! 
             Another Sunny Day                                                                     Kayak through
             in the Space Coast                                                       Mangrove Tunnels in Cocoa Beach

Fun Things to Do in the Cocoa Beach Area and the Space Coast, Just Add Water!
Kayak Thousand Islands - Ramp Road         321-480-8632  

for Nature | for Paddle/Scenic                   Pay%20for%20Kayak%20Tour%20in%20Cocoa%20Beach 
401 Ramp Road, Cocoa Beach, Florida                                             Adults $30.00  Youth $20.00 (17 & Under) 

One of the best places to kayak in Central Florida's Space Coast area is Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands at Ramp Road Park. Ramp Road Park provides paddlers quick and easy access to the local estuarine eco-system of the Banana River Lagoon.
Manatees, dolphins and birds can be found in abundance, when in season. Mangrove trails and tunnels offer another unique adventure as we skillfully negotiate all obstacles and wildlife in the islands.
This paddle can be somewhat challenging while in and amongst the mangrove trails.                                   
Insect repellant may be required in some seasons.

  • Paddle skill - beginner to advanced
  • Paddle length - 3 miles
  • Paddle time - 2  to 2 ½ hours
  • Wildlife factor - Moderately High (seasonal) Manatees,
    dolphins, birds
                                Kayak with Manatees in the Cocoa Beach Area                                              Looking for Fun things to do? Kayak with dolphins!

Kayak Thousand Islands - Pool/Golf Course                 321-480-8632    
 for Nature | for Paddle/Scenic                           Pay%20for%20Kayak%20Tour%20in%20Cocoa%20Beach 
5098 Tom Warner Blvd, Cocoa Beach,Florida                                       Adults $30.00  Youth $20.00 (17 & Under) 

Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands at the Cocoa Beach Country Club are just another aspect of the local estuarine system of the Banana River Lagoon in Central Florida's Space Coast. Manatees, dolphins and birds can be found in abundance, when in season. Check local weather for this trip as we have to cross large amounts of unprotected water to access the island treasures. It can be somewhat choppy in the open areas.
We travel south to the mangrove trails and tunnels for another unique aspect of this adventure.
This paddle can be somewhat challenging while in and amongst the mangrove trails.
Kayak%20with%20Dolphins%20in%20Central%20Florida%20-%20Adventure%20Kayak%20of%20Cocoa%20BeachInsect repellant may be required in season.
  • Paddle skill - beginner to advanced
  • Paddle length - 3 miles
  • Paddle time - 2  to 2 ½ hours
  • Wildlife factor - Moderately High (seasonal) Manatees, dolphins, birds


 Manatee Encounters in Merritt Island's Kelly Park                                             Fun things to do in Orlando's Closest Beach...Kayak with Manatee

Kayak Kelly Park                                                         321-480-8632   

 for Nature |  for Paddle/Scenic                                   Pay%20for%20Kayak%20Tour%20in%20Cocoa%20Beach 
2550 N Banana River Drive, Merritt Island, Florida                                 Adults $30.00  Youth $20.00 (17 & Under) 

The paddle is through mostly open water, so take notice of the weather prior to reservations.
Manatees and dolphins travel the length of the lagoon and routinely pass through the barge canal to other lagoons.
A paddle trip through the barge canal to Sykes Creek can be accomplished fairly easy, weather permitting.
There are NO mangrove trails or tunnels on this adventure kayak tour. 

  • Paddle skill - beginner to advanced
  • Paddle length - 1 ½ - 2 miles
  • Paddle time - 1 ½ to 2 hours
  • Wildlife factor - Moderate

 More Fun things to do...Kayak Mangrove Tunnels                                          Aerial pictures of Cocoa Beach's Thousand Islands

Kayak Kiwanis Island                                              321-480-8632 
 for Nature |  for Paddle/Scenic                                Pay%20for%20Kayak%20Tour%20in%20Cocoa%20Beach 
951 Kiwanis Island Park Road, Merritt Island, Florida              Adults $30.00  Youth $20.00 (17 & Under) 

Kiwanis Island Park is a protected area located in Brevard County. Looking for things to do after the sun sets near Cocoa Beach? Kayaking in Kiwanis Island is great for moonlight paddling. Occasionally, manatees and dolphins will visit these waters venturing north from the Banana River Lagoon.
Sykes Creek is the main tributary paddled and is surrounded by wildlife and birds. Some spoil islands can be viewed.
Access is very easy for visiting guests and locals.

There are NO mangrove trails or tunnels on this adventure. 
  • Paddle skill - beginner to advanced
  • Paddle length - 2 miles
  • Paddle time - 1 ½ to 2 hours
  • Wildlife factor - Satisfactory

Home of the Manatee Encounters! 
Kayak Manatee Cove                                              321-480-8632  
for Nature | for Paddle/Scenic                 
4905 North Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, Florida    Adults $30.00  Youth $20.00 (17 & Under)
Manatee Cove Park is located in Merritt Island, FL, along the edge of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Manatee Cove is perfect for the novice paddler and paddling families looking for an easy and short paddle with significant wildlife.
Manatees, dolphin and birds are routinely found (when in season). Watch the local weather forecast.
Conditions permitting, we may paddle out into the wide open Indian River and explore a couple of spoil islands. This is an excellent spot for our 
bioluminescence tours available August through October.
There are NO mangrove trails or tunnels on this adventure.

  • Paddle skill - beginner to advanced
  • Paddle length - 2 miles
  • Paddle time - 1 ½ to 2 hours                                                    
  • Wildlife factor - High (seasonal), with manatees, dolphins and birds.

                    Ask about groups of 13 or more!

   Manatee Encounters in Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands                                   Fun things to do in Cocoa Beach Thousand Islan

Kayak Pine Island
 Conservation Area                  321-480-8632 
 for Nature |  for Paddle/Scenic                              Pay%20for%20Kayak%20Tour%20in%20Cocoa%20Beach 
2100 Pine Island Road, Merritt Island, Florida                      Adults $30.00  Youth $20.00 (17 & Under) 

Pine Island Conservation Area offers a variety of things to do in Merritt Island, FL. 
The interior marsh ponds of the area offer 2 kayak trails and a relaxing atmosphere to check out the local wildlife. Habitats include mangrove forests, salt marshes, cabbage palm hammocks, pine flatwoods and hardwood hammocks. These provide the ultimate in housing for the west Indian Manatee, bottle nose dolphin, alligator, gopher tortoise, bobcat, northern river otters, and eastern indigo snake. 
This area is listed as a State of Florida Great Florida Birding Trail for migratory songbirds, the American Widgeon, migratory Blue-Winged Teal, waders, Woodstork, shorebirds and Osprey. 

  • Paddle skill - beginner to advanced
  • Paddle length - 2.3 miles, or you can make a loop from here to Manatee Cove.
  • Paddle time - 1 ½ - 2 hour
  • Wildlife factor - Satisfactory
  • Bring a lunch on your paddle or stop for a picnic at Sam's House

Sam's House is a part of Pine Island Conservation Area
located at 6195 N. Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, Florida
Visit Sam's House, Pine Island
Sam's House is the oldest standing house in Brevard County. 1875, Sam's Family Cabin provides a paved trail with interactive exhibits highlighting the history and inhabitants of the area. Enjoy kayaking through 5 different habitats and experience old Florida.

Sam's House provides a variety of things to do on Central Florida's Space Coast:
  • Kayaking through 5 different habitats
  • Fishing
  • Hiking  - you can hike to the Pine Island Conservation Area from Sam's House with over 6 miles of Trails. 
  • Biking
  • Horseback riding
  • History Garden                                                                     Hours of Operation: 
  • Native American Burial mound                                      Thursday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm

                           Check out more things to do in Cocoa Beach on our blog. 
Sam's House and Pine Island Conservation Area - Photos from Sam's House Facebook Page

5 Reasons to Choose Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach! 

*SAFETY: Adventure Kayak is Insured & Certified in CPR and First Aid.
We provide life preservers & whistles as well as a quick lesson in kayaking & safety. 
*COMFORT: Our kayaks are sit-in with open cockpits.
There is plenty of leg room with sturdy seats and back support for comfort. 
*LOCATION: Our kayak tours launch just minutes away from all of the major resorts in the Cocoa Beach area. 
*ORGANIZATIONS: Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach is a longtime member of both the Florida Professional Paddlesports Association and Visit Florida. 
*GREAT VALUE: Adults kayak for just $30.00 per person. Children under 17 kayak for $20.00 per child. We also offer a discounted kayak rate of $5.00 each for Seniors and Military personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions about kayaking in Cocoa Beach, Florida:

Q: Are there any Alligators visible on my kayaking tour?
A: Yes, if you are looking for alligators, go to the Cocoa Beach Golf Course, her name is Kathleen. 

Q: Will I see Dolphins as I kayak in Cocoa Beach?
A: We do not offer a guarantees, however, Dolphins are here year round. 

Q: Will I see Manatees on my guided kayak eco-tour? 
A: Manatees are seasonal, including Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

Q: What are some fun things to do in the Cocoa Beach area? 
A: Kayaking! In fact, most people that go on a tour, have never kayaked before! ...and don't worry about Kathleen...

 Bird watching in Merritt Island and Orlando Beaches like Cocoa Beach has to be at the top of the list when it comes to fun things to do

Fully licensed and Insured
Fully licensed and insured, Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach's primary mission is to provide safe, enjoyable kayak expeditions. Because of our sincere love for these islands, when you spend your morning or afternoon with us paddling through the Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands area -- the absolute best place to observe manatees in their natural habitat -- you'll leave with a better appreciation of the natural wonders of our world.

Fun Things to Do in Cocoa Beach, Orlando's Closest Beach! 
Kayak in Florida along Central Florida's Space Coast with Manatee and Dolphin! Cocoa Beach is one of Orlando's favorite beaches! 
Experience up close and personal encounters with Osprey, Manatees and even Swan!
Our seasonal swan can be pictured here on the far right. Read more about
Kayaking Orlando



Students visit us during the summer from Europe and have a blast on their kayak tour in Cocoa Beach       

Check out our photo gallery of the fun things to do in Cocoa Beach
Kayaking with Manatee, Dolphin, and other Florida wildlife in Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island
on the Space Coast, near Orlando.
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Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach, Inc. Mission Statement

Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach's ultimate goal is to safely provide our valued guests with the finest eco-tours
kayak adventures throughout city, county and state protected coastal environments.

Our continued growth and success depends upon delivering environmental education with responsible ecotourism. 
We follow the principles of sustainable ecotourism.  It is in our best interest to promote healthy land and water stewardship. 
We have a primary ethical obligation to the people, species and resources under our direct and indirect responsibility.

Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach offers our guests the finest professional and experienced guides, the most comfortable and stable boats,
an intimate wildlife experience, all without ever compromising the guest's or wildlife's safety and well being.

 "When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds that it is attached to the rest of the world"

-       John Muir
Certified 100% Organic                            Just Add Water! 

Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach is owned and operated by Bill Kowalik since 2000. Bill provides fully trained and experienced guides for guided kayak eco-tours, bioluminescence tours, moonlight paddles and large group tours in Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, near Orlando. During their tour, guests have experienced kayaking with wildlife such as manatee, dolphin and birds in their natural habitat. If you are looking to kayak in Florida, we are located along the Canaveral National Seashore on the Space Coast near and just a short drive from Orlando, Daytona Beach, St Augustine, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Palm Bay, Satellite Beach, Indialantic, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals, Edgewater, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Walt Disney World Resorts, Universal Orlando, Sea World and Busch Garden Theme Parks, Oviedo, Deland, Apopka and everywhere in between! 

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